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We are a volunteer organization comprised of tech and AI enthusiasts, researchers, programmers, and futurists. Arizona AI is looking for fellow visionaries to get involved. 

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Artificial Intelligence in Arizona

A booming tech hub, supportive government, and a pro-family, healthier life style position Arizona as a smart alternative choice for technology industry professionals and companies

About Us


Our mission is to bring people and businesses working in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related sectors together in Arizona. We believe Arizona offers unique advantages for professionals and companies in the tech, bio, and health care sectors - and all of these are now or will soon be utilizing AI in some form. We are not trying to replace or even compete with Silicon Valley. Instead, we feel Arizona is a great alternative to the overpriced, over-regulated, and hyper-competitive tech sectors in California.


Arizona offers more relaxed regulations (one reason Waymo has been testing their autonomous vehicles in Arizona for the past 10 years!), but AZ also offers components that many business leaders often overlook - a much more reasonable cost of living, a healthier environment, and a more family friendly life style. Not everyone wants to be or should be a slave of Silicone Valley-type restrictions. Especially if you have a family or are not a millionaire founder of a venture capital backed startup, living in Arizona may make a lot of sense.


If you already live in Arizona but think the State is not interested in technology and AI, think again - many companies have already realized the benefits and have set up their headquarters or branches here. Our current Governor, Doug Ducey, has been doing a great job attracting tech firms to the Valley of the Sun. Microsoft, Intel, State Farm, Honeywell, Nikola Motors, and many others are among a growing list of forward thinking companies in Arizona. Arizona State University (ASU), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and University of Arizona (UA)  and private learning institutions such as the University of Advancing Technologies (UAT) are all involved in technology fields such as space exploration, fintech, and yes, Artificial Intelligence.


Many non-Arizona companies test out their technology here. Besides Waymo's self-driving vehicles, have you ever seen the cute little delivery robots at the NAU campus in Flagstaff? It's a San Francisco company that makes them - but they are being tested in Arizona due to having much less red tape and a very enthusiastic early adopter crowd in our schools. But there is so much more going on in Arizona. And that's where we come in. 


We are a start-up and are looking for motivated individuals to help us grow and navigate the landscape. We are seeking non-profit status and are currently soliciting funding and other assistance from the State of Arizona, and the private business sector. We are not endorsed by or endorse any particular company, organization, government or individual. Arizona AI and its parent company, AZ AI LLC, is only interested in playing a role in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and its components, such as Machine Learning, supportive technologies and coding, etc. We are non-partisan, and we don't discriminate against any race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. Progress is what we care about. If you do, too, then please join us





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